Bistol County Media strives to offer high-quality video production and multimedia services at an affordable price.  We embrace advancements in video production technology, but understand that these same advancements have watered down the industry.  As the cost of equipment and software has dropped, the number of companies offering video production services has dramatically increased.  Businesses and consumers are faced with a sea of low-cost “production houses”, many of which have the latest and greatest in gear, but fail to use it properly.  BCM understands this dilemma, and that is why we offer our customers unmatched “bang for their buck”.  BCM possesses a vast array of top-of-the-line production equipment including: HD cameras, lights, microphones, camera support systems, and a state-of-the-art postproduction facility.  These tools virtually eliminate BCM’s need to rent equipment for productions, and we pass on those savings directly to our customers.  Unlike our competitors, BCM’s staff members are familiar with our gear and use it effectively on a daily basis.  Collectively, we share an unrivaled passion for video production and multimedia services.  You might even say that we have a healthy obsession for the industry.  While many production houses’ employees are pigeonholed into specific roles, BCM​’s staff members are all well versed in multiple aspects of video production.  As a result, we rarely require the need to solicit outside help, a circumstance that helps keep our customers’ costs in line.  Most importantly, our staff shares a core set of values built on a foundation of honesty and integrity.  We understand the value of a dollar, and we work with our customers to maximize their budgets.  Combining our philosophy with a diverse array of equipment and skill sets makes BCM Southern New England’s leader in high-quality, affordable video production and multimedia services.